Wildlife Tourism

The essence of tourism in Jalpaiguri lies in wildlife tourism. Covered with dense forests and grasslands, Jalpaiguri is the harbour of one of the richest bounties of wildlife. The forest region is the shelter to many endangered species viz., Indian One-horned Rhinocerous, Hispid Hare, Pigmy Hog, Bengal Florican etc. Other species like Elephants, Garus, Leopards, Sambar, Sheetal, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Badger, Rhesus , Sloth Bear, Otter, Wild Boar, King Cobra etc. can be found in the deep forests of Jalpaiguri.

Bird watching & butterfly watching have grown to be a significant adventure activities. Hence the definition of wildlife tourism has undergone a profound change now a days.

Whilst the luxury-end of the package market tends to be the most demanding in terms of infrastructure and services, they also generate the greatest income. These consumers tend to be in the third-age group (50-65 years), often including the early retired.


Gorumara National Park

This park is located in the Dooars region of Jalpaiguri district. River Murti, Jaldhaka and Ingdong have passed through this national park. Situated on the bank of Murti River the National Park has a large variety of flora and fauna.

The grassland of Garumara is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino.

The watchtower beside the Forest Rest House is the best place to observe rhino, elephant, bison and deer as they regularly come to the salt reservoir just below the tower. In the year 1949, Gorumara Forest was declared as wildlife sanctuary when it was a small forest. Later in the year 1992, it was declared as a National Park, comprising of 80 km² of diverse forest. Near extinct species like the Hispid Hare and Pygmy Hog have been spotted here.


Accomodation under Gorumara National Park

Most of the lodging and camping facilities are available in Lataguri - the nearest small Tourist Strip near Garumara. A number of accommodations are available in Murti, Chalsa and Malbazar. Some luxury resorts are also available near the forest.

Govt. & Private accommodation available.


By air - Bagdogra (13 km from Siliguri) is the nearest airport.

By Train - Nearest railway station is Chalsa Junction via Jalpaiguri, 10 km from Gorumara National Park. The park is accessible from the rail stations at Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Cooch Behar from where one can hire a jeep/car through National Highway 31 to Lataguri, the gateway to the park.

By road - National Highway 31 which connects Siliguri and Guwahati passes through Lataguri (about 75 km from Siliguri), Chalsa and Nagrakata near the park. Gorumara National Park is 1 km from Lataguri, 10 km from Chalsa.


Lataguri Forest

Lataguri is located near Gorumara. Besides the quiet and calm surroundings, the main attraction here is the Nature Interpretation Center that gives information about the flora and fauna of the region.


Apart from the main four resorts mentioned under Gorumara there are many other small hotels and lodges for accommodation.


By air - It is 45 km away from Bagdogra.

By train – The nearest railhead is in Chalsa, via Jalpaiguri.

By road – The place is 18 km away from Chalsa.


Chapramari Forest Entrance

This wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas in the district of Jalpaiguri.

It provides a breathtaking view of forests against the backdrop of the Kanchanjungha and other Himalayan peaks.

Chapramari is famous for its mega-herbivores such as Elephant & Gaur. Leopards abound here. Different other varieties of deer, reptiles and other animals can be easily seen around here. The place is a heaven for bird watchers.


Accommodation is available at Chapramari rest house and a number of hotels are available in Chalsa, the nearest town.


By air - Bagdogra (13 km from Siliguri) is the nearest airport.

By train – Nearest railway station Chalsa or Nagrakata via Jalpaiguri.

By road - This sanctuary is around 20 km away from Gorumara. It can be approached by NH31.



Chalsa is a small town situated just on the foot of the Himalayas in the Dooars on the way towards Birpara or Alipurduar from Siliguri via Malbazar. This small town is surrounded by hills, tea gardens, rivers and forests. One part of the town is surrounded by Gorumara National Park and other part by Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. This small town was known as Queen of Dooars in British India.


Various resorts and lodges in Chalsa, Murti & Malbazar. There are two bungalows with four double bedded rooms at the hill top of Chalsa run by PWD.


By air - It is 60 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train –Nearest railway station is Chalsa Junction via New Jalpaiguri (42 km approx). It takes around 1.5 hours from Siliguri both by road and railways.

By road - It can be approached by NH31. It is 57 km from Jalpaiguri; and 7 km from Malbazar.


Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located on the flood plains of river Torsa. Largest population of Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros in West Bengal is found at Jaldapara. It also provides excellent habitat for the Royal Bengal Tiger and other animals like Gaur, Leopard, Asian Elephant, Sambar, Cheetal, Hog Deer,Barking deer, Wild Boar etc. Bengal Florican an endangered bird had been photographed in Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary.


Accommodation is available at Hollong Tourist Lodge and Madarihat Tourist Lodge, besides public accommodation and homestays.


By air - It is 110 km from Bagdogra airport.

By rail – The nearest railway station is Madarihat (11 km from Jaldapara) via Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri. It can also be approached from Hasimara or Falakata stations as all trains do no make a stopover at Madarihat.

By road - Entry point is from Madarihat Town, situated adjacent to NH31 in between Hasimara and Birpara.


Hollong Bungalow

Hollong is the name of the settlement just at the outside of Jaldapara. The Hollong bungalow is situated well inside the forest from where exciting elephant safari is organized in the morning. Car Safari is also organized from the bungalow.


Hollong Tourist Lodge is located here near Madarihat. Overall there are six standard rooms.


By air - It is 45 km away from Bagdogra.

By train – The nearest railway station is Madarihat via Siliguri/New Jalpaiguri.

By road – The place is 10 km away from Madarihat.


Madarihat Tourist Lodge

Madarihat is a small village located in the Alipurduar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district. This village is situated on the outskirts of Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the entry point for the sanctuary and one of the main tourist spot in North Bengal having a great diversity in the population, surrounded by tea gardens, forests, hill and small rivers. Madarihat is also famous for the local wooden furniture.


Accommodation is available aplenty for tourists


By air - It is 140 km away from Bagdogra.

By train – The local train station Madarihat is connected by the newly converted broad gauge Siliguri-Alipurduar railway line. All passenger trains stop here.

By road – It is located on NH 31 (Siliguri-Hasimara) being at 140 km east of Siliguri and 50 km west from Alipurduar.



Murti is a place besides river Murti famous for its scenic beauty located in between Gorumara and Chapramari. Both Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary are very close to this place.


Two double bedded A.C. rooms, two double bedded non A.C. rooms and two non A.C. rooms with four bunks is available in the Murti bungalow


By air - It is 65 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – The nearest railway station is Chalsa.

By road - 7 km away from Chalsa and 60 km away from Jalpaiguri.



Scenic beauty and sighting of wild life is the main attraction of this place.


Two rooms are available at the forest bungalow of Khuttimari. A road through the forest from Gairkata will reach you at the forest bungalow of Khuttimari


By air - It is 190 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – The nearest railway station is Alipurduar via Siliguri/ New Jalpaiguri.

By road - This place is 120 km away from Jalpaiguri town.


Located in the north bank of the Kaljani river, Alipurduar is the gateway to Bhutan and the north-eastern states of India. Small streams intersect the town and add to its natural beauty. Previously Alipurduar was an old trading centre that was part of the "Silk Route". Today the remains of the traditional route are still visible at Santalabari.

The highest peak of Jalpaiguri, Chota Sinchula is located in Alipurduar. Situated at an altitude of 1733 m about 12 km away from Buxa the peak offers beautiful views of the impermeable forest covers of the Buxa hills and Bhutan valley.


South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Centre and Leopard Rehabilitation Centre: A construction known as the South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Centre, a unique endeavor that is unmatched in the entire north-east, has recently come up in Alipurduar. It now acts as a permanent shelter for tigers and the place has been aptly named Bagh Ban, meaning "tiger forest" in Bengali. A maximum of 15 tigers can be accommodated in the forest. A leopard rehabilitation centre is located at Khairbari that offers safaris to visitors.


A number of accommodations are available in Alipurduar Town.


By air - It is 180 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – The nearest railway station is Alipurduar via Siliguri.

By road - This place is 170 km away from Jalpaiguri town.



Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa National Park, in the subdivision of Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri district, was set up in the year of 1982-83 at the north eastern corner of West Bengal bordering Bhutan and Assam. It was declared as a National Park in January 1992. The name "Buxa Tiger" has been derived from Buxa Fort. With an area of 759sq km this picturesque reserve with its prodigious Terai – Bhabar, as well as Hilly landscape crisscrossed by numerous rivers and their tributaries presents a breathtaking landscape.

The Phipsu Wildlife Sanctuary of Bhutan is contiguous to North of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Manas Tiger Reserve lies on east of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Buxa Tiger Reserve, thus, serves as an international corridor for elephant migration between India and Bhutan. The reserve encompasses as many as eight forest types.