Bio Diversity

Buxa is rich in biodiversity and has a great collection of rare orchids and medicinal plants. Owing to inaccessible terrain, some parts of Buxa hills in the Sinchula range are still unexplored. The generic diversity of mammals here is second highest among all the tiger reserves of India.

A number of animals like Chinese Pangolin, Regal Python (reticulate), Clouded Leopard are endemic to the region. Astonishing bio-diversity of animals comprise of a rich avifauna of more than 230 identified species, 67 mammals and 36 species of reptiles including both endemic as well as migratory species.

One of the rarest birds of India, the Black-necked Crane has been sighted in the Reserve during the early winter. More than 300 species of trees, 250 species of shrubs, 400 species of herbs, 9 species of cane, 10 species of bamboo, 150 species of orchids, 100 species of grass and 130 species of aquatic flora including more than 70 sedges (Cyperaceae) have been identified so far. There are more than 160 species of other monocotyledons and ferns. Main species include Sal, Champ, Gamar, Simul, Chikrasi etc.


The fort is at an altitude of 867 m on the Sinchula Range guarding the most important of the eleven routes into Bhutan which once was used for detainees during freedom movement of India.


5kms trek through the dense forested hills leads to Buxaduar Forest Bungalow. Home stays available.


By air - It is 170 km from Bagdogra airport via Hasimara

By train– The nearest railway station is Rajabhatkhawa via Siliguri/Alipurduar

By road – 20 km from Alipurduar. Several trek routes originate from Buxa. The most popular of these starts from Santrabari (914ft) to Buxaduar


Raidak near Bhutanghat

Strategically located near Indo-Bhutan border, the region is blessed with scenic beauty and the swift flowing River Raidak. It is located in a mountainous terrain flanked by hills covered with luxurious green forests and is an attractive destination for wildlife lovers. Endangered species of animals like tiger, rhinoceros, elephant, make their habitats in the forests. One would also have an occassional rendezvous with deer, bisons, birds and reptiles.


There is a beautiful forest bungalow built in 1904 close to the river bank. Forest rest house of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation is available.


By air - It is 235 km away from Bagdogra via Alipurduar.

By train – The nearest railway station is Rajabhatkhawa via Siliguri/Alipurduar.

By road – Bhutan Ghat is connected on road by national highway number 31 with other parts of the state and is 45 km from Alipurduar.


Raja Bhatkhaoa

Surrounded by dense forests of Buxa tiger reserve, located in between Alipurduar and Jayanti, Rajabhatkhawa is an ideal place for the wild life lovers. A watchtower deep inside the forest gives the best opportunity to view elephant, bison and even tiger. The Nature Interpretation Center and Tiger Rescue Centre at Rajabhatkhawa is another attraction. There is a small bazaar and a beautiful small rail station.


Accommodation is available in forest rest house and also in various private rest houses.


By air - It is 197 from Bagdogra airport via Alipurduar.

By train – Approachable by both rail and road form Siliguri (153kms) via Alipurduar (17 km). The place has a local station of the same name.

By road - It is 12 km from Jayanti and approachable by both road and rail form Siliguri (153km) via Alipurduar (17 km).