Jalpesh Temple

A famous shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of North Bengal, established in the year 1665 by the Cooch king Prannarayan, is the main point of attraction of this place. Every year in the Hindu calendar month of sawan (15 July-15 August) thousands of devotees throng the Jalpesh Temple and a large fair is organised for a month. Devotees collect water in vessels from the river Teesta after offering puja and walk barefoot towards the temple which is 15 km from the river.


Public convenience and rest house are being constructed.


By air - It is 86 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train-The nearest railway station, Mainaguri (via Jalpaiguri), is 8 km from Jalpesh.

By road - This place is around Located 8 km from Mainaguri and 21 km from Jalpaiguri.


Jatileswar Temple

Situated at Hushlurdanga near Mainagiri, it is famous for its idol of Lord Shiva. After offering prayers, one can find for oneself a nice corner and settle down with some books while listening to the chirping of birds.


Only some guest rooms are available.


By air - It is 90 km from Bagdogra airport

By train – The nearest railway station, Mainaguri via Jalpaiguri is 12 km from Jalpesh.

By road - This place is around Located 12 km from Mainaguri and 25 km from Jalpaiguri


Bhramori Devi

The temple site is situated around 1 km from Jatileshwar temple. It has a long heritage with hordes of people coming here to offer their prayers.


No accommodation facility is available for the present. However several private entrepreneurs are coming up with accomodations for the devotees.


By air - It is 91 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train – The nearest railway station, Mainaguri 13 km away.

By road - This place is around Located 13 km from Mainaguri and 26 km from Jalpaiguri.


Bhabani Pathak Temple

It is situated at Bodaganj forest near Sikarpur, Belakoba . It is in common parlance that during the British period the Sanyasis who were famous as “Swadesi Dacoit” in North Bengal had links with the Jaminders of Baikunthopur. Bhabani Pathak was the leader of the Sanyasi Movement. It is also a hearsay that Devi Choudhurani took her lessons from Bhabani Pathak. Inspite of being a dacoit, Bhabani Pathak enjoyed a lot of following among the downtrodden of the society and was quite acceptable to them. Bhabani Pathak was vanquished and killed by a British Lay Branan. After that sanyasis came to the jungle of Baikunthapur under the leadership of Devi Chowdhurani. Till date local people offer their homage to Bhabina Pathak and Devi Chowdhurani.


Devi Chowdhurani Temple

It is a legend that Devi Choudhurani the bandit queen of the famous ‘Sanyasi Movement’ period in the 19th century had established the Kali temple near Gosala More of Denguajhar, The area was covered by deep forest and people did not come to this place. Devi Chowdhurani used to take shelter here. The legend goes on and the puja is still held at this temple under the age-old huge banyan tree. The Kali puja is now organised by a committee formed for the Kalipuja in Devi Chowdhurani Kali Mandir of Jalpaiguri. The puja is a major attraction for the region and hundreds flock to worship the goddess at this temple. As the myth goes, Devi Choudhurani used to distribute the loot from the rich among the poor irrespective of caste creed or community. In keeping with the spirit, people from all communities attend the Kali puja here to pay their respect and seek blessings


Accommodation facility available at Jalpaiguri which is 2 Km away.


By air - It is 50 km from Bagdogra airport.

By train– The nearest railway station, New Jalpaiguri (21 km)/ Ambari Falakata (14 km) away.

By road – It is 35 km from Siliguri.