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Landscape The name Jalpaiguri came from the word “Jalpai “ meaning “Olive” which grew  in  the town and  adjacent  areas  and  were  even  visible  in  the 1900. The  suffix “guri  “ means a place. The district is located 26° 16 ’ and 27° 0 ’ North latitude and 88 ° 4 ’ and 89 °53 ’ East longitude . It is situated in      the northern part of the state of West Bengal and shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh in the northeast and south respectively . The remaining borders are shared with the district of Darjeeling in the west & northwest , Kalimpong district in the north , Coochbehar district in the Southeast and Alipurduar district    in the west .The district is primarily comprised of a rural population with a high number of SCs/STs present. A sizeable population also resides in the tea gardens which are spread all over the district. . ‘Tea’, ‘Timber ’ and ‘Tourism ’ form the backbone of the trade industry in this district.

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Hon'ble District Magistrate Smt Shama Parveen,IAS

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