About District

The name Jalpaiguri comes from the word “olive” which means “olive” which grew in the city and adjoining areas and was visible even in 1900. The suffix “guri” means a place.The district is located between 26 ° 16 ‘and 27 ° 0’ north latitudes and 88 ° 4 ‘and 89 ° 53’ east longitudes. It is located in the northern part of the state of West Bengal and shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh in the northeast and south, respectively.The remaining boundaries are divided into Darjeeling district on the west and northwest, Kalimpong district on the north, Kochbihar district on the southeast and Alipurduar district on the west. The district initially consists of a rural population with a high number of SCs / STs.A large population also lives in the tea gardens spread all over the district. . ‘Tea’, ‘Timber’ and ‘Tourism’ form the backbone of the trade industry of this district.