Jalpaiguri district comprises western Dooars and the major part of the eastern Morang and this area, according to Sailen Debnath, in the ancient time was a part of the kingdom of Kamrup, and since the middle of the seventh century it became a part of Kamarupa. Sailen writes that three of the five ancient capitals of Kamatapur were geographically in the district of Jalpaiguri and the three capitals were at Chilapata, Mainaguri and Panchagarh in sequence. According to him, Hingulavas, the first capital of the next Koch kingdom as well was in Jalpaiguri district.

The District of Jalpaiguri is placed as one of the oldest and renowned districts in the Union of India . The simplicity , natural beauty of this district touches the hearts and minds of all who have been here . The District Administration of Jalpaiguri strives to preserve the cultural diversity and harmony of this district and also facilitate the development of this district . The main aim is to create a district which is self sufficient , progressive and a leading example for modern India .

The district website of Jalpaiguri has been remodeled keeping this target in mind . It has been designed to assist all citizens of this district ,to ensure transparency and to facilitate early service delivery to our dear citizens. I hope that this effort will prove useful and become a model of good governance in the days to come.